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Great Residential Properties, Commercial Buildings

and Vacant Land (Plots) in Florida U.S.A.

American Immigration Dream Realty, has made, your Dream

Come True For U.S.A. Immigration, Preliminary Green Card

Approval, Just in a 90 Days

1Immigration Green Card (Visa) Preliminary Approval within 90 Days For Your Whole Family

American Immigration Dream Realty L.L.C., America's inspiring Real Estate Organization working with Realty

Associates as their Brokerage and has the services of top U.S.A. qualified Immigration Attorneys, emerged as one of the best organization in the United States.

We are providing these services through the qualified U.S. Immigration Attorneys, Realtors, Bankers and Mortgage

Brokers. We are pleased to provide you with Hassel Free Real-Estate Immigration Package just on your commitment of

10% refundable deposit on one of the approved residential properties into the Government Escrow Account Funds. This escrow deposit will be confirmed for the sale of your residential property If an Approval Notice will be issued by the USCIS based on our Attorney's Preliminarily Filing for your immigration petitions. The process of filing your Immigration petitions requires documentations and immigration processing fee for you and your family . Your documents will be collected from you at the time of your earnest money deposit for your residential Property (checklist of the required documents will be provided to you) and immigration processing fee for you and your family will be paid by the American Immigration Dream Realty L.L.C.

This Immigration and Real-Estate Package will qualify you for the Preliminary -Green Card, Approval for you and your family within 90 days after filing your petition

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2New Effective and Risk Free Immigration Investor Program
for EB-5 Clients, Who are Planning To Invest
               For EB-5 Visa in U.S.A.

Bangladeshis , Sri Lankans, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and United Kingdom. Buyers from these countries have now purchased more than 45 percent of the United States real estate market, with a significant proportion from China ,India, Brazil and Hong Kong , according to a recent survey by the (AREAA)

Great Entrepreneurs are able to find opportunities when other cannot see-it and capitalize on those. American Immigration Dream Realty is an opportunity for those who one of those entrepreneurs, looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to capture the unprecedented opportunity of today's market. This is an excellent opportunity for buying profitable beautiful properties in the State of Florida in U.S.A, where most of the Banks like Citibank and HSBC are offering up to 75%Loans for International Non-Residents Clients. for buying homes in U.S.A.

As an well-established Real-Estate and International Immigration Organization , We will make sure that from the time of the initial contact of a prospective Buyer for the USA Real-Estate , the process will flow smoothly and in a professional manner. Our staff members, have been very carefully selected and trained, will work diligently until the Real Estate and Immigration Visa transaction is closed on time.

3 For Special Business Ventures For Those who Wants

To Come In U.S.A. as Non Immigrant Visitors
                    and Students.

Being a Foreign investor and a non us resident, just a visitor you can achieve the

followings goals with the help and support of our company.

1-    While travelling to U.S.A, once in every six months for your real estate business follow-up, Medical checkup, attending special functions of your family or friends.

2-    You can receive loans up to 75% from the banks being nonresident just visitors.

3-    If you will sign up with our company and you are on visit visa in United States, during your stay we will provide you transportation free of cost anywhere in USA.

4-    During your stay in USA, you can keep few rooms for your personal use rest of the property will be rented and managed through our property managed department. It will save your hotel expenses.

5-    Free Medical Treatment for major problems like heart disease, kidneys and other important surgeries from the best doctors of the world based on your special insurance package.

6-    Investors often engaged in house flipping which involved buying distressed properties at reduced rates, making repairs, and quickly selling the house for profit. Your real estate agent can perform this business transaction for you without your presences.

7-    Today, many real estate investors are buying residential properties for use as rental homes. Others are combining 'owner will carry' financing to sell properties to buyers who do not qualify for bank financing. This investing strategy

allows investors to obtain fair market value for the house while creating positive cash flow. We can provide our services as your representatives.

8-    One source for buying residential houses below market value is the Fannie Mae Home Path program. These properties consist of nationwide foreclosure homes which can be financed through Home Path Mortgage.

9-    The most common types of commercial investments include office buildings and retail shops. Apartment and condominium buildings can be a good choice.


4   Based on your Investments in The U.S.A. Real Estate    Market. You will achieve your Future Goals For

A Complete Package For The Family Immigration

Free education for your children at American Universities.

Receive an American Passport as of your investment.

You can get 60-70% loans from the major Banks in The USA for your

Projects and new residence based on your credit scoring and Business


Profitable and long term investment for you and your family members.

Great Partnership Opportunity For

Local Real Estate Companies

And Investors! Great Commission!

Currently We are looking for, A Rated Real Estate Companies and Private Investors to join us as out Future Partners in our Program, Interested Parties are requested to submit their details at\info,

we will evaluate each application on the merit. We will honor affiliations to those who have a clean record and caries great credentials in this industry, and have been dealings with the high profile clients. Compensation and commission depends on the quantity and quality of the business being offered.

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231 Hawthorne Drive


3885 Netherlee Way 3885


15840 Meadow Wood Drive


9260 N Talway Circle Boynton


14722 N 125th Avenue N

8745 San Andros


8628 Pioneer Road West Palm

Lake Park, FL 33403


Lake Worth, FL 33449


Wellington, FL 33414


Beach, FL 33472


West Palm Beach, FL 33418

West Palm Beach, FL 33411


Beach, FL 33411

Area: 5270 ft | SqFt - Living: 2,600 ft


Area: 3761 ft | SqFt - Living: 3,200 ft


Area: 5520 ft | SqFt - Living: 2,729 ft


Area: 4710 ft | SqFt - Living: 3,613 ft


Area: 5550 ft | SqFt - Living: 3,509 ft

Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 2




Total Beds: 4 | Baths: 3.5




Total Beds: 4 | Baths: 2.5


5 to 10 Acres; Freeway Access; Paved Road

Total Beds: 4 | Baths: 3.5



Total Beds: 4 | Baths: 2.5


Total Beds: 4 | Baths: 3.5


List Price: $695,000

List Price: $299,000


List Price: $515,000


List Price: $535,900


List Price: $550,000


List Price: $650,000

List Price: $349,950















8681 Estate Drive West Palm

441 S Lyra Circle

11311 S Indian River Drive E

21347 Sweetwater Ln N,

2855 Duquesne Circle,

6691 S Pine Court


825 NW 13th Street #

Beach, FL 33411

Juno Beach, FL 33408

Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Boca Raton, FL 33428

West Palm Beach


Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


210 Boca Raton, FL 33486

Area: 5570 ft | SqFt - Living: 2,767 ft

Area: 5220 ft | SqFt - Living: 2,896 ft

Area: 6143 ft | SqFt - Living: 3,510 ft

Area: 7110 ft | SqFt - Living: 4894 ft

SqFt - Living: 1945 ft


SqFt - Living: 5,600 ft


Total Beds: 2 | Baths: 2 1/2

Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 2 / 2 Half

Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 3 / 3 Half

Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 3


Total Beds: 6 | Baths: 3.5

Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 2


Total Beds: 3 | Baths: 3





List Price: $750,000

List Price: $850,000

List Price: $599,000


List Price: $149,000

List Price: $599,999

List Price: $249,000


List Price: $275,000


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Property No.4


Property No.5















8681 Estate Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33411

11311 S Indian River Drive E Fort Pierce, FL 34982


3885 Nether lee Way 3885 Lake Worth, FL 33449


15840 Meadow Wood Drive Wellington, FL 33414


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